Add Glamour to Your Celebrations by Hiring Party Bus Limo

Are you organizing a special party or a celebration eve for someone? If yes, you need to take plethora of things into consideration. It calls for perfect arrangements and no scope for negligence. Amidst lot of preparations, one aspect that is often neglected is transportation. The mode of transport you select has a major role to play in making your event hassle-free. If you are looking for something profused with glamor and royalty, party bus limo makes perfect sense. It makes your travel indeed a memorable experience.

An ideal choice for wedding transportation

This luxuriant vehicle makes your magical day like wedding even more special. Every wedding couple desires to be escorted in a plush manner. This is what party bus limo does for you. You can settle back at sumptuous seats and enjoy complete privacy. Being driven by professional chauffeur, you can experience a complete stress-free travel.

A royal feel

The vehicle accommodates your large group of guests with ease and takes them to the wedding venue in a stylish manner. They will feel like celebrities while traveling in such an elegant transport.

Perfect mode of transport for party enthusiasts

Now-a-day the trend of hiring limo is on high surge especially among party enthusiasts. The interior comes perfectly equipped with high end amenities and custom-mood lighting to create a perfect party feel. The ice chests bar inside let you indulge in unlimited drinking. With audio-visual entertainment units, let the celebrations commence in an ultra-trendy style.

Added advantage of professional chauffeur

Party bus being driven by professionally trained chauffeur offers you complete peace of mind. You will be picked from your designated place and taken to your destination in a timely manner. At the end of party, you will be dropped back safely at your place.

Stands beyond your anticipations

Party bus limo offers you everything beyond your anticipation. You will be greatly overwhelmed with the level of comfort it provides. Your needs will be kept in priority list by the chauffeur behind the wheels. Upon arriving at your venue, everyone’s eyes will be glued to you. Yes, you will be the centre of attraction.

To add extra glitter in your celebrations, consider hiring party bus limo with American Avon Limousine. We pride ourselves in offering safe and prompt transfers. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned. To book a ride with us, give us a call on 408-515-8209. For any queries, drop us a mail at We assure you satisfactory services.

Add an Element of Luxury and Excitement by Traveling in a Limousine

Limousine is considered a perfect mode of transport for every type of travels. No matter you are heading towards business tour or to a leisure trip; safety and comfort should go hand in hand. This is what limo vehicles promises of. It combines luxury, safety, and expediency. If any event is on the charts, hire a limousine and feel the pleasure of riding in it. It befits every type of occasion and serves the need of every age group.  Let’s have a look at its premium features that makes it an exceptionally extra-ordinary ride.

A posh ride with elegant look

When you see a polished, sleek, and exquisite limo vehicle waiting for you outside the airport, you will be urged to hop inside it as soon as possible. It exudes an air of extravagance and royalty owing to the premium features it come equipped with. You can settle back at sumptuous leather seats and relax a while. You can even have chilled beverages from ice chest bar equipped inside. One more way to entertain yourself is to watch your favorite movie or crank up desired tunes of music on the excellent sound system.

A perfect city tour experience

If you are on vacations, limousine makes your leisure tour highly pleasurable. With no worries of transportation, you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. The professional chauffeur behind the wheels will take you to your desirable places handling traffic and parking issues efficiently. You can even be assured of no delays as they are well-acquainted with all the city routes as well as traffic patterns.

Have an edge over other modes of transport

Instead of hiring different taxis for your large group, hire a limousine and travel together in one vehicle. This negates the need of splitting your group in different vehicles. Moreover, traveling in a grumpy and musty taxi will only make your journey a worst experience. While on the go, you can indulge yourself in unlimited fun that will surely add to your good memories. Limousine is indeed a perfect transport to enjoy in a complete privacy.

Are you looking for a ride that injects luxury as well as excitement in your travels? If yes, get in touch with us at American Avon Limousine. We assure you to deliver superior service at the most unbeatable rates. To get your desired ride booked, give us a call on 408-515-8209. To get your queries solved, email us at With us, reward yourself a satisfying experience.

Add spice to your limo journey by following certain tips

A limo hire should be on top of your priority list if your aim is to enjoy and make the most of your trip. All of us commute due to different reasons, the only thing which is common in between them all is that we wish to have the best possible rides which offer us both comfort as well as expedience

Below mentioned are some points which if you follow will greatly help in making your journey, one to remember. Take a detailed look:

Add entertainment in your ride:

Mostly all limousines have inbuilt television settings which enables you to carry your CD/DVD or I-pod. This is a great way of adding elements of entertainment to your journey. Since you can play or watch things of your interest, you are able to enjoy the ride to the maximum possible limit. Therefore, hiring a limo is the best thing you can when you are on long road trips.

Drinks and eateries are mandatory:

Another thing that you should do is of stocking up the vehicle with food and drinks. One usually likes to eat and drink during long journeys. This makes the environment even more fun and exciting. Though, some limousines offer you the facility to avail refreshments but there is no barrier in you carrying your stuff too. Therefore, you must plan out your ride efficiently to enjoy it to the fullest.

Play games to make your journey fun filled:

When commuting in groups, you must always plan out things as earliest as possible. Following this step is important so that you can enjoy your ride to the maximum possible limits. Limo hire is one such mode of service which you do not get to experience on a regular basis. This is the main reason why you should not miss the opportunity of making this special journey extra special. For this, you can always think of playing games while on the go as it is the best way of remaining engaged and making the most of it.

Are you looking for a special limo ride with your friends or relatives? Get in touch with us at American Avon Limousine to experience the most happening and fun-filled limo journey of your life. To make a reservation or to know more about our services, give a call at 408-515-8209 . You may also drop us a mail for further queries.

Benefits of Chauffeur Limo Services for Flawless Bay Area Corporate Transportation

Corporate tour demands seamless professionalism and no scope for negligence. When you are in an unknown city for your business meeting, one thing that stresses the most is arranging a reliable mode of transport for your transit. If you have a corporate meeting on the charts, consider hiring a limousine for a stress-free experience. Nothing can stand in comparison to the level of service offered by reputed limousine providers. Let’s peek into some of the amazing benefits offered by this mode of transport.

Be safe in the hands of professionals

With chauffeur limo services at your disposal, you can run the risk of delays. The professional chauffeurs are adept in offering timely services no matter at what time your travel is scheduled. They acquire the expertise to handle the on-road snarls thus smoothly maneuvers the car through traffic stuck roads.

Indulge yourself in some productive chores

Since, driving is handled by the professionals; therefore you can utilize the time productively by reviewing your notes, rehearsing your presentation, and much more. Besides being constructive, you can even laze around on plush leather seats and relax yourself. The best part is that upon reaching to your event venue, you will feel completely refreshed.

Leave a long lasting impression

Chauffeurs possess excellent driving dexterity, so you can enjoy peace of mind that you are in the safe hands. They have poise and regard for the clients and offers complete VIP treatment to them. Arriving to your event venue in such a pristine vehicle will surely leave a positive impact upon your business associates.


Just imagine after landing at the airport you have an important meeting to attend. In such an instance, you would want a transport that would take you to your destination in a prompt manner. Here no other vehicle other than limousine would solve your purpose. Without causing any type of delays, the efficient chauffeur will whisk you to your desired place.

Want to experience flawless bay area corporate chauffeured limo services? If yes, get in touch with American Avon Limousine. Our wide range of vehicles come decked with upgraded amenities. Just discuss your travel requirements with us, rest we will customize limousine package for you. For more detailed information, give us a call on 408-515-8209; else email your queries at We will get back to you shortly.

Reasons why limo service should be your priority if you are a travel person

We all want to wander from one place to another, but the problem is that a very few get to grab this opportunity. The first thought that occupies your mind is of commuting because this is one only perplexing task that you have to perform wisely in a new region/area. Limo service is known as one of the best modes of transport across the globe. This is the main reason why it has become a preferable choice of many. Since it has great reputation in the market place for providing the finest services to each and every client, taking it into consideration if you are a travel person will turn out to be extremely fruitful.

There are many reasons why you should get hooked up with this vehicle. Below mentioned are some crucial ones. Check the details:

Full safety of the passenger:

The first thing that we look for in a transport service is the facilities it offers. Safety of the passenger being on the top of the list, it is very important that we go only with that service which guarantees it. Since limousine service is one of the most luxurious services around the world, it offers the best of all. Security of the passenger being its priority, it ensures that the finest is offered.

Comfortable ride:

Journeys can be very hectic and tiring, especially when you are on a trip. Since a travel person can understand this factor easily, he also knows how important is it to find a transport service which provides full comfort and expedience. For this reason, limo service should always be your priority because it is one such vehicle which give you ample space to relax and stretch out.

Special chauffeur to take care of you:

The best part about a limo service is that the chauffeurs are drivers who not only drop you to your venue safely but also take the best possible care of you. They undergo special training sessions with an aim to serve their customers in the finest manner. Not only this but they also act as great guides especially to those who have considered the service for travel purpose.

Are you looking for an amazing limo experience? Get in touch with us at American Avon Limousine to avail the most superior services for your next travel plan. To reserve a ride, give us a call at 408-515-8209.

Airport Limo- A Smart Way for Transfers to and From Airport

Air travels are always weary and exhaustive. After the end of the journey, what adds to your frustration is standing in long queues and waiting for taxis or cabs to come. This consumes your great deal of time. Ever thought how you can ensure smooth transfers from airport to your destination? One way to inject smoothness is by hiring airport limos. It is the most expedient and reliable way to reach to your designated place without stressing yourself much. Why hiring the one makes a good sense? Let’s have a look.

A luxurious mode of transport

Limousine symbolizes class, comfort, and luxury. After being jet lagged when you settle inside the luxurious vehicle, the ambience inside will leave you in an awe moment. It will seem no less than a fantasy being amidst high end amenities. You can lay back at plush seats and relax yourself.  If you wish to make memories with your loved ones, indulge in ultimate fun and unlimited drinking.

Get to your place on time

What makes this vehicle stand out from others is guaranteed timely pickups and drop offs. After you land at the airport, the chauffeur will haul your luggage and navigate you around busy airport. He will proficiently handle the driving and take you to your destination from the shortest route available.

Ensure safety

If you are a newbie in a city, the transport providers would definitely charge you a hefty amount. However, getting hooked up with a reliable limo provider would save you from landing into the deep soup. Contrary to the myth, limo is a cost-effective way to make point to point transfers. The vehicles come equipped with advanced tracking software to keep you in regular touch with the flight timings.

Chauffeur assistance

Another advantage offered is chauffeur assistance. Their exceptional customer-oriented services will assure you a pleasant journey. Taking all the worries upon their shoulder, you can cherish peace of mind and be at complete peace. Their courteous and well-mannered nature will give an aura of sophistication and professionalism.

To experience the smartest way of traveling to and from airstrip, consider hiring limousine with American Avon Limousine. We are known for offering sumptuous vehicles to our clients. Ever you feel like enjoying limo ride in Bay Area, you can make reservations with us. Just call us at 408-515-8209 or email us at You will be assured of satisfactory experience.

Make your event successful by considering a limo rental service

Events demand superior quality arrangements for becoming extra special. Transportation plays a very important role during this time, since it helps in portraying your best image and also reduces hassles which can be created by your guests for reaching the venue, major focus should be put into this area. If your aim is to put across your style and class in an elegant manner from the time you turn out from your vehicle, then limousine is what you should get hooked up with.

A limo rental service is just ideal to grace your special event. There are infinite reasons why this mode of transportation should be chosen for your big occasions. Below mentioned are some crucial points. Take a look to gain information regarding the same:

Ultimate facilities:

The first and foremost reason why you must take into consideration this vehicle is because it offers high end amenities to each and every passenger on the board. The amenities it offers are the finest and have the ability to give you the best ride of your life. Not only does it good to you, but if you also select this vehicle for your guests then nobody can stop them from thinking that your arrangements are just another level. Hence, best portrayal of your class.

Customer service:

We often try to go with that transportation service which focuses largely on its customer’s satisfaction and benefits. Limo Rental Service is entirely based on pleasing its clients in the best possible manner. This means that the customers are given the finest facilities while they are on board. Not only this, but they also ensure that each and every requirement that you have gets fulfilled at the earliest possible time. Therefore, considering this option for your next event will turn out to be just ideal.


A company that is professional in providing its services to each and every client wins the authority to rule the market place. If we relate this with a limo rental service, then we conclude that the facilities offered by this service are just another level. The chauffeurs are expert, well dressed and fluent. Since they undergo special training sessions, they very well understand how to take the best care of their clients.

Are you planning to throw a party this month? Get in touch with us at American Avon Limousine to arrange the best lot of vehicles for your guests. Our limousines are lustrous and in immaculate condition. For reservations or further details give a call at 408-515-8209.

Secure a Limousine and Relish Opulence Offered By It

Now-a-day, limousines are in high trend owing to the exceptional services it offer. It is a perfect mode of transport both for ceremonial events and professional tours. Earlier, this surge was seen in the elite class because of its high price. Now, with the emergence of affordable hire packages; a middle class person could also avail such opulent services. If any event is on the charts, secure a limo ride and make your entry and exit the talk of the eve. Here are some of the benefits that you could reap by availing these services.

Make a style statement

Traveling in this mode of transport earns you respect and recognition. There are some occasions where you want to make entry in style and leave the onlookers with wide open eyes. When you step out of limousine, everyone’s eyes will be glued to you. It exudes a feeling of your financial soundness upon others. 

Extravagant ride

The vehicle comes profused with high end amenities. Traveling amidst such a luxurious ambience gives you a celebrity like feel. You can lay back at plush leather seats and rest a while. You can even utilize your free time by carrying out productive chores like business discussions, rehearsing presentation, or making important call. 

Extremely capacious

The commodious interior offers your opportunity to travel together with your entire group. Travels can be highly entertaining when you have group of friends beside you. Indulge in drinking, unlimited fun, and endless of joyous activities that you feel like carrying out with your peers. 

Transportation hassles will be at bay

With a dexterous chauffeur behind the wheels, you can have the stress-free time with your group throughout the journey. Being adept in driving and navigation issues, he will smoothly maneuver the car through jam packed roads. His expertise and experience gives you an assurance that you don’t have to confront any sort of delays.

Ever dreamt of riding in a limousine? If yes, avail limo hire services with American Avon Limousine and let your dream come true. We commit ourselves in offering high level of customer service to our clients. Discuss your travel requirements with us and we will customize limo hire package for you. For book your desired ride, give us a call on 408-515-8209. In case of any queries, feel free to email us at We will get back to you shortly.

Rent a limo service for your next event to experience a sumptuous ride

Everybody wishes to turn up like a VIP and look their best when they have to attend a big event. This vision can be executed only by renting a limo service. Since the vehicle offers great comfort, expedience and facilities to each and every passenger on board, it is known for being the best in the market place when it comes to riding with full leisure and cheerfulness.

Limousine service has innumerable benefits to offer to each and every person. Below mentioned are some top advantages that you can reap by taking into consideration this vehicle for your next event. Take a detailed look to know about these perks:

Symbol of style:

Limousine is one such vehicle which is known for its class and style. Since it offers leisure and comfort to each and every client, renting it for reaching a big event is a preferred choice of many.  The high end amenities served to the clients have made this vehicle the best of all. Not only this, but, another reason for liking this mode of transport is the fact that it lets you leave an indelible impression on the bystanders.

Create uncountable memories:

Limousine has a plush interior which takes you to another world away from the noisy streets and other happenings taking place outside the vehicle. This is the main reason why people prefer it for their big events and occasions. Since this vehicle puts you in a party mood, you reach your venue refreshed and relaxed, all set to make the most of your evening. On the way, you can click pictures, sip some drinks and enjoy the music to create memories that can be cherished in the future.

No driving hassles or stress:

The first worry that occupies your mind whenever you are invited to an event is of commuting. Nobody wants to drive all the way to the venue and look tired when the party begins. Limousine is just ideal for this purpose. You do not have to drive or navigate; in fact you reach your designated point full of happiness and spark.

Are you looking for a limo service which can make your ride exceptional and remarkable? Get in touch with us at American Avon Limousine to experience a sumptuous ride with your loved ones. For reservation or more details give a call at 408-515-8209. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Party Bus Limo- A Sassy Ride for Safe and Fun-Filled Journey

In the recent time, when it comes to impress people; anything less than luxury is considered boring. Many look for superior means of transportation when planning a vacation with their friends. Limousine is one such ride that is considered epitome of luxury. Not all can afford buying this luxury vehicle. However, with the emergence of limo hire services, you can consider hiring it for your ultimate travel experience. If you have a large group, the party bus limo best serves your needs.

Gives perfect party feel

Party bus limo is a perfect vehicle for the partyholics. With professional handling the driving, you can commence your celebrations on wheels. The custom lights and entertainment system equipped inside gives you an ultimate party feel. You can indulge yourself in fun, dancing, and lots of amusement activities. 

Comfortable mode of ground transportation

The capacious and sumptuous leathers seats make it the most comfortable mode of ground transportation. Even after long travels, you will feel that journey is over too soon. With large legroom, you can stretch your legs, relax, and even lay back. 

Safety- a top most priority

While renting a vehicle for your vacation, safety aspect must not be left aside. In addition to luxury, the party bus bespoke complete safety. The interior is stuffed with GPS technology that allows easily navigation through jam packed roads. Thus, you can run the risk of delays. Apart from this, it also comes equipped with state of art facilities allowing timely arrival and departure of the car. The privacy partition separates the passengers from the chauffeur’s seat.

Personalized assistance

Thanks to the personalized assistance of the chauffeur which makes the experience all the more enthralling. He is professional adept in handling all the transportation issues. Being well-acquainted with all the city routes and directions, you can reach to your destination well on time. Traveling in an exquisite vehicle followed by royal treatment, evokes the celebrity-like feeling.

For sassy and spotless fleet of party bus, get in touch with American Avon Limousine. If opulent traveling is in your wishlist, we are a right choice for you. We pride ourselves in offering diverse vehicles stuffed with premier amenities. For your bookings, give us a call on 408-515-8209. Traveling with us will make your journey more relaxing and memorable. If confronted with any query, you can email us at We will serve you in every possible manner.