Important questions to ask limo service provider before renting

From highly professional to extremely personal use, limousines have become an essential requirement for everyone. Limousines were once a vehicle for wealthy people but the increase in limo companies in the market today had made great limo offerings for even individuals with medium or low budget. High competition among several limo companies has lead limo rentals at quite low rates. Moreover, limo service providers today provides special packages, exciting offers, hot deals and heavy discounts on their limo hire services.

In addition, if you hire limo services from a professional limo company you can rest assure you are going to avail excellent limo services in term of safety, luxury, reliability, comfort and timeliness. Undoubtedly, reputed Limo Company can serve your every transportation need but trusting them blindfolded can be a foolish attempt. There are few necessary things that should be clear from your end to ensure your limo experience goes smoothly from start to finish. Here are few important questions to ask to your limo service provider before hiring their services.

  • What vehicles are in your fleet?
  • What services do you offer?
  • Are you a licensed and registered company?
  • How long you have been in business?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • How do your screen your drivers?
  • Do you maintain and service your limos at regular basis?
  • Are you going to charge by hour or mileage?
  • What all is covered in your insurance?
  • Will you provide a signed contract?
  • Are your packages customizable?
  • Does your quote include gratuity for chauffeurs, taxes and surcharges?
  • Have your chauffeurs gone under training’s?
  • What is your policy for cancellation?
  • What will be the overall pricing structure?

If you want to get satisfactory and assured answers to all the above questions, we at American Avon Limousine can provide you the same. We are well-known and trusted limo company in the industry and missions to serve our clients with best in all limo experience. Our fleet comprises of best class limousines each satisfying the unique needs of the individual. We work at our core to provide utmost level of luxury and unforgettable limo experience to our clients. Request us a free quote for easy and quick estimates or ring us a call at 408-564-7000 for further assistance. We are always available at your service.

Add a Touch of Class and Sophistication with Limousine Rental

Are you thinking to attend any event? If yes, then put a great impression by making a perfect selection of the vehicle you choose to ride in. When it comes to transportation, none other than limousine vehicle offers you same level of comfort and exclusiveness. It is a perfect fit for every type of your occasion.

A symbol of extravagance

Hiring a limo for your next business trip will assure you style, comfort, and sophistication. When you become a big business tycoon, you deserve respect, admiration, and the luxuries of life. When you tour around a new city on your business ventures, it’s good to have a limousine at your disposal.

Timely pick ups

When you pre-book a limo ride, you don’t need to worry about reaching to your destination. When you land at the airport, you will see chauffeur waiting for you in the baggage claim area. After recognizing you, he will offer you meet and greet service, haul your luggage, and takes you till vehicle.


Another advantage of hiring the limousine is the luxury it offers. The royal look will make you hop inside the vehicle at its very first look. With well equipped interior, you can carry out your work or cherish leisure time with your group. The Wi-Fi facility lets you stay in touch with your staff members. On the hand, if you are in a party mood, you can indulge yourself in unlimited drinking with no worries of driving. 

Cruise around the city in an entertaining way

While booking a limousine make sure that staff of chauffeur the company provides must be professional in nature. They must be well acquainted with all the city routes and directions. They not only handle driving issues; rather they are your guide who will cruise you around the city in the best possible manner. Being polite and discreet in nature, you will be assured of exceptional customer service.

To add a perfect touch of class and sophistication in your travels, get in touch with American Avon Limousine. We are staffed with a team of professionals who are dedicated in offering you best class of service and experience. With us, you can be assured of timely services. For your bookings, you can call us on 408-564-7000 or email us at We will be pleased to serve you the best.

Shuttle bus- best transport for your Bay Area group travel needs

Shuttle buses are high-end transports that are specifically designed for those who want an upgrade of quality and luxury while still maintaining comfort and safety. These are basically used for transporting passengers across small distances and most probably hired for airport and corporate transfers. If you are dreaming for a comfortable, luxurious and elegant way of transportation for your group travel needs in Bay Area, hiring shuttle bus would be the best option. These exotic buses are equipped with bonus features that make them a complete transport to cater every transportation need including:

  • Great seating capacity
  • Fiber opting lights
  • Overhead storage area
  • WIFI
  • Plush leather wraps around the seats with safety belts
  • High ceiling roof
  • Suffice head room to stand
  • Tinted safety glass windows
  • Climate control systems
  • Entertainment systems

Stress-free transportation:

One of the biggest advantages of hiring shuttle bus service is that it provides stress-free transportation. The shuttle bus provides suffice space to accommodate large group size so you don’t have to manage multiple cars. Everyone will arrive at their destination on time and they well be together so you can start your event or stay on schedule for your trip.

Safe medium to travel:

Riding in a shuttle bus, you don’t need to discuss the routes with multiple drivers as you can simply let your shuttle driver know where you want to go. Moreover riding along the professional chauffeurs driving the shuttle bus provides an assurance that you and your passengers are in safe hands this is because chauffeurs need to undergo strict training to gain their special licenses.

High-end secure vehicle:

Shuttle buses have a better safety record compared to other vehicles on the road as they are designed with advanced security features to better protect the passengers so even if there’s an incident, you and your fellow passengers might not get severely injured.

Looking for top-notch shuttle bus service in Bay Area? Get connected to American Avon Limousine. We are most trusted and well-known limo service providers offering extensive fleet and unique transportation services. We pride to provide industry’s best shuttle transportation service to the clients with every kind of preference and budget. Make your group itinerary more perfect with us. Drop us a mail at to know more or call us at 408-564-7000 to get immediate response. It will be a pleasure serving you.

Benefits of Hiring a Town Car for Your SFO Airport Transfers

Whether you are visiting San Francisco for the first time or are a frequent traveler, it is necessary to choose reliable means of transport. Nothing can match the services of a town car in terms of efficiency, practicality, and comfort.

After Los Angeles Airport, SFO Airport is the second busiest airport in California. There are number of people who travel here both for business purpose as well as leisure tours. So, it remains packed with lot of traffic. To, ease your navigation, consider hiring town car services. It comes with myriad of benefits.

Comfort and convenience

Driving through the streets of San Francisco can be a harrowing experience. By renting a town car, you can be assured of smooth navigation through jam packed roads. After a tiring journey, you don’t have to stress yourself of driving and parking issues. The chauffeur behind the wheels will take you to your destination without causing any delays.


A royal town car being driven by professional chauffeur will make your business clients feel honored. The interior is equipped in such a manner that it will offer them the desired privacy. If you are traveling with your business executives, you can carry out your business discussions and meetings in peaceful and quiet surroundings. You can even rehearse your presentation without any interference.

Best mode of transportation for small group travels

If you are in a small group say of 5-6 persons, town car hire is the best mode of transportation. It offers spacious interior to accommodate your required group size with ease. Plush leather seats will let you settle inside comfortably. The inside of the vehicle comes equipped with sound system, entertainment units, and ice chest bar. You can have ultimate fun on wheels.

A safe and secure ride

Besides being economical, town car is considered a safe ride for your large distance travels. Being a newbie in the city, you may be unaware of the city routes and directions. You can get lost if you decide to drive on your own. Town car rentals offer you added advantage as it comes stuffed with GPS technology and state of art facilities. You can be assured of your timely arrival and departure.

For town car rentals to and from SFO Airport, get in touch with American Avon Limousine. We offer outstanding fleet of limousines to add an element of relaxation, comfort and leisure in your travels. Call us on 408-515-8209 and avail our customized packages as per your budget and requirements.

Hiring limo based on three main factors- best way to get right one

Limousines have become one of the most in demand transportation services all over the world. These high-end vehicles are associated with luxury, comfort and style. It is slick, comfortable and luxury vehicle that is most preferred by people who want to make good impression on their special event. Limousines today have mass availability due to the market flooded with numerous limo companies. If ultimate luxury and royalty is what you desire while arriving your event then traveling in a limousine would offer perfect value for your money. It is suggested not to go blindly when proceeding ahead for your limo selection. There is a need to be extra careful and attentive when choosing a limo to assure everything would be outstanding and stress-free from start to finish. It is best to choose a limo taking care of three major factors.

Have a deep research about Limo Company

  • Check the professionalism of the company
  • Know the years of experience they hold
  • Make sure it is a licensed and registered company
  • Check what services they offer
  • Have a deep insight to their pricing structure
  • Ensure they provide insurance coverage
  • Ask if they provide special packages, exciting offers and discounts
  • Ask if they offer tailor-made packages

Know about the vehicle

  • Check the fleet they are offering
  • Select limo model and size that would best fit your event needs
  • Inspect the limo well from both inside and outside
  • Make sure all the features of the limo are in good working condition
  • Ensure the limo is regularly serviced and maintained

Know about your dedicated chauffeur

  • Check his license and valid credentials
  • Ask for his driving and training certificates
  • Make sure he possess excellent driving skills
  • Ensure he is not involved in any of any kind of accidental or criminal case
  • Know the number of years he has been working with the company
  • Make sure he is passed through strict background check as well as drug and alcohol screening test

If you are looking for a trusted and reputed limo service for your special occasion, rent an exotic limousine from American Avon Limousine. We are leading providers of wide array of limo transports. Our limos are well-maintained and our prices as well as services are unmatched. We pride to deliver safe, reliable and professional limo service. To know more about our services and rental rates, call us now at 408-564-7000 or drop us a mail at We are always ready to serve our best.

Hire a Limousine for Perfect Birthday Party Celebrations on Wheels

Are you thinking of a novel idea for celebrating your birthday eve with your friends? This year throw a grand party, invite all your friends, and cruise around in a limousine. You and your whole group will feel like stars traveling in style. It will surely make your celebrations no less than a perfect affair.

Premium amenities equipped inside

Limo vehicle comes equipped with perfect range of amenities that makes it worth to hire. The plush leather seats, roomy interior, fiber optic lightning, surround sound system, entertainment units, and ice chests bar makes it a complete party vehicle. The tinted windows let you carry out your celebrations in a complete privacy.

Variety to choose from

If you have 3-4 people at your disposal, you can choose a sedan and get it adorned as per you’re theme. The posh ride will definitely steal away the attention of the onlookers. However, for a grand celebration, stretch limousine is the best choice. Its capacious interior can accommodate about 12-14 passengers with ease.

Professionals behind the wheels

The best part about limo hire is that it offers the assistance of professional chauffeur. He will take you wherever you want to go or roll your down to the exciting places. With no worries of driving and parking, just simply commence your celebrations on wheels. You will be safely taken to your party venue.

Discuss your requirements well in advance

Make sure to tell the limo company that it is required for birthday eve so that it can be decorated as per as theme of your party. Some companies even surprise you by decorating the vehicle in their own way with balloons, flowers, and ribbons, and provide you complimentary foods and beverages on the way

If any birthday eve is on the charts, go creative and gift your friend a memorable limo ride. Drive him crazy with sumptuous services.

For affordable and spectacular limousine hire in Bay Area, get in touch with American Avon Limousine. Booking with us is fast, simple and easy. When you are with us, you can be assured of punctuality and safety. We will make sure that you reach your destination well on time. Call us and get your exotic vehicle booked.

Top compelling reasons to rent a corporate limousine for your business event

Limousines are undoubtedly the best modes of luxury ground transportation to fulfill all your coveted business transportation needs. These luxurious transports can be a perfect way to express style to your important business event. In a corporate arena where time is money and image is paramount, most of business executives make limousines their first choice when it comes to business travel.  There are numerous limo companies in the market offering special corporate limousines and unique services to their corporate clients. Their corporate limousines are different in models, colors, features and provide a complete professional outlook.  In addition, there are numerous factors that have led to growing popularity of corporate limousine in recent times.

Efficient transport:

Corporate limousines are decked out with all manner of luxury features that makes it an ideal transport for business travel. It includes all kind of necessary corporate features ranging from WIFI, intercom system, fax facility and many more. The great space and top-notch features of corporate limousines makes it a complete vehicle to run important meetings and presentations on the wheels.

Top-quality service:

A reputable corporate limo service conveys a sense of elegance, class and professionalism. Whether you are landing to different country or just want to your business partner or client to be picked up, hiring a professional corporate limo service you can rest assure, you will be provided timely pickups and drop-offs. Moreover, chauffeurs driving corporate limousines are trained to treat each corporate client as a VIP.

Reliability and safety:

The best corporate limousine provider builds their credibility on being reliable and safe. If you hire a professional and reputed corporate limo service provider, you don’t have to worry about the riding to your destination in a safe manner. Not only chauffeurs riding the corporate limo are well-trained to provide VIP services to the corporate clients but also possess great driving skills.

If you are planning for your next corporate event, don’t skip to rent a corporate limousine from American Avon. We are most reputed limo company in California, specializing in providing out of the box limo services for all kind of events at affordable rates. Contact us today and discuss your transportation needs with us and leave the rest our highly skilled team. We will work our best to provide you best limo experience from start to finish. To know more, call us at 408-564-7000 or drop us a mail at We are always available at your service.

Limo safety concerns- everyone should be aware of

Limousines are undoubtedly the best transports in today’s era. These luxurious vehicles ignite an exuberant expression, elegant style and aura of rich and grace. In addition, limos are equipped with high-end amenities that truly make them ideal choice to be hired for different types of events. Apart from these the services that comes along completes the value of limo. Chauffeurs driving these exotic vehicles are always professional and well-trained in providing safe, luxurious and comfortable ride to their clientele.

If you step out for a search of limo service, you will encounter with numerous limo companies guarantying you best limo services at their place. However, if you hire a professional limo company you can have access to excelled limo services but this doesn’t mean you can completely rely on them. To ensure you going to have a secure ride, you have to do your part by considering few limo safety concerns.

  • Check the fleet well:

While choosing the limo for your specific event, don’t forget to inspect the vehicle well from both inside and outside. Have a look on its interior features and check they are in good working condition. It is suggested to ask your service provider about its regular services and maintenance.

  • Scrutinize your dedicated chauffeur background:

Inquiring chauffeur’s background is very crucial. After all, it is only your dedicated chauffeur who is going to accompany you from start to finish. Check his valid credentials, certificates, driving license and ensure he is not involved in any criminal or accidental case.

  • Insurance:

Insurance coverage is the utmost factor when we talk about limo safety concerns. This can prevent you from great financial loss if in case any accident or damage happens. Ask your limo company if they provide any insurance coverage, if yes then what all aspects do they cover in their insurance coverage.

If you have any questions in your mind related to safety concerns for your limo service, we at American Avon Limousine have answers to all your worries. We are trusted, reputed and licensed limo company providing completely reliable and safe limo services to our clients. Our chauffeurs are employed on the basis of thorough back-ground check and passed through alcohol screening test. Rest we ensure, riding with us you can have sigh of relief that you and your loved ones are in safe hands. Request us a free quote for quick estimates or call us at 408-564-7000 if in case of any doubts. We are always available at your service.

Limousine Rentals for a Successful Business Venture

The demand of limousine rentals for business transportation has sprout up. This is because of the reason that business people are always on go. They can’t afford to get late; else it would depict their unprofessionalism. Limo serves as a convenient and hassle-free option for the travelers. Thus, consider hiring the one for lucrative business tour. It offers multitude of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

A blessing for the travelers

Limousine rental service comes as a blessing for the travelers as it relieves them of the worry of driving and other transportation issues. Upon landing the aerodrome, you don’t have to stress about reaching to your destination. The professionals behind the wheels are very well acquainted with the city routes, and city traffic. In case of jam packed roads, they take the shortest alternate possible.

Timely pick up

If you are a newbie, you will find reaching to your destination a hassled task. A limo comes as a rescue for all on road hassles. The provider you choose keeps a touch with flight tracking software so that it can communicate necessary information to the chauffeur. Thus, chauffeur will come to pick you well before the flight is scheduled to arrive so that no delays are caused on their part. They are well acquainted with all the in and out ways of the airstrip.

A perfect boardroom on wheels

While the chauffeur navigates you to your destination, you can take a power nap, carry out important business discussions, or rehearse your presentation before reaching your event venue. The vehicles are fitted with plasma screen, laptop tables, and Wi-Fi that let you complete your work conveniently. Thus, arriving in such a suave ride will put a good impression upon your business clients.

Chauffeur- a perfect tour guide

Chauffeurs are a perfect guide that takes you the famous hotspots after the completion of your work. They are very well oriented with the city’s historical and cultural sights. You can even take a drop to city’s exquisite pubs, discos, and restaurants for an exotic meal.

The limousine ground transportation services will ensure you a successful business venture followed by timely and safe arrivals.

For corporate limo rental in Bay Area, get in touch with American Avon Limousine. Our services cater to those who demand for reliable and prompt services. You can call us for your bookings and avail our special discounted customized packages.

Get unmatched Limo services in San Jose with American Avon Limousine

San Jose is rated to one of the most popular tourist destination of California. From history, entertainment to beautiful landscapes and diverse food options, San Jose has everything to offer to its visitors. Not only for tourist visit, San Jose is a great place to organize a corporate trip and many other special occasions too. One of the best ways to unearth the secrets behind San Jose in a unique way is riding in a limousine. We at American Avon Limousine provide exceptional limo services in San Jose, California.

Whether you are for a corporate visit or a holiday vacation, we can cater every aspect of transportation needs to make your itinerary to San Jose a memorable one. We pride to offer extensive range of fleet to choose from each of them having unique exterior, interior and well equipped with high-end amenities. Booking a limousine with us, we ensure you will be availing our credible limo services and will love to ride with us again.

Reliable airport services:

Our professional chauffeur will be waiting for you at the baggage claim area prior you land the airport. They will greet you warmly with a smile and will gently pull your luggage to your personal limo. Just sit back, relax, stretch your legs in our spacious limo and leave all the transportation worries on our highly experienced chauffeur. They will take you to your destination on time with utmost safety and comfort.

Get guided tour to the city:

You can stress-off from all the worries from flipping the city’s guide tour book to search the best places to visit and managing your loved ones safely. Our dedicated chauffeurs have great driving skills and possess ample knowledge of the geographical area. Your personal chauffeur will act as a personal guide and will take you to not to be missed places of San Jose taking through different routes encompassing beautiful picturesque.

Customized services:

Whether you are in a tight budget or want to modify your package accordingly, we offer customize option. If you want us to arrange additional décor, on-board features or refreshments, we can provide the same. Just discuss your requirements, choice and budget with us, we will help you tailor-make best package for you.

Request us a quote for quick and easy estimates or call us at 408-564-7000 or drop a mail at in case of further inquiries. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.